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Breakthroughs in Mental Illness

As part of the 1Church Initiative First Responder Prayer Trust, we have been praying for three prisoners who regularly come into our custody: Andrew, John, and Carl. Each of them is a mentally ill, substance-abusing individual who desperately needs Jesus and the Spirit of the Lord to take control of their life. In our prayers, we ask the Father to save them, restore their minds, and deliver them from substance abuse. As they are set free from all bondages, we also ask that they be brought into God's ministry to others who are dealing with the same issues so that more and more people are set free as a snowball effect. We have now seen the answer to our prayers for two of these men. Andrew ha

The Right Leader in a Key Position

We have been praying for the office of the Executive Director of Safety at the Denver Sheriff Department asking the Lord to put someone in the position who has law enforcement experience with an understanding of what needs to happen to keep our officers safe. Since we have been praying this, we have seen that position turned over so that a person who has law enforcement background is now in place. The direct influence of this turnover is that the new person has now changed the way the office handles our department so that better decisions are being made for the safety of officers. In addition, employee discipline has been more in line with what is appropriate and not overbearing for officer

Godly Leadership Now in Place

As part of the 1Church Initiative First Responder Prayer Trust, we have been praying for all of the positions of Denver Sheriff’s Department. In particular, we asked the Lord to bring the right people for the three positions of Chief. The people in these roles were not leading well and there were at least two rounds of changes to the people in the three Chief positions. The most recent change restored two of the original people back to the role of Chief. Interestingly, both those Chiefs who are back in power are now "Born Again-Reformed" believers who are very different than when they were previously in these roles. God is doing a great work among the leadership of this Department!

Righteousness Prevails

I have been a believer since I was 4 years old. I was raised in a Full Gospel Church (I challenged my faith in my teen years for sure) and have not walked away from the faith. When I was 28, God called me to be a pastor. I pastored in the Church for a number of years until my wife of 20 years decided she did not want to be a pastor's wife or a believer, she left me with my three girls. This caused me to forfeit/surrender my ministry license and seek the Lord for my future. Through prayer, The Father urged me to apply to the Denver Sheriff Department (I did not apply anywhere else). Though it usually takes 9 months to 2 years to get this type of position, God greased the wheels and I was in

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