Cover The County

Colorado Prays is excited to mobilize prayer calls for leaders in every Colorado county!

Vision & Mission

The vision is to shift the spiritual climate in every Colorado county so that every person and sphere of society comes into alignment with God's design and purpose.  

The two-fold mission is to first engage at least one Prayer Leader in each of the 64 counties to host a prayer call at least once a month for the County. Second, the mission is to build and maintain relationships with key county leaders to personally pray for them and identity prayer needs to be addressed by the churches participating in Colorado Prays.

Become A Prayer Leader


We need seasoned prayer leaders who are willing to organize and lead a regularly scheduled Prayer Call for a Colorado county (at least once a month) . You don't have to live in the county to lead prayer for the county. 

Participate in A County Prayer Call

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Check to see if your county has an active Prayer Leader and a regularly scheduled Prayer Call.


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