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Adams Civic Prayer Team

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Good morning and great blessings!

I hope and pray you are all doing well and finding strength in our Lord Jesus Christ in these days. Our next prayer meeting for Adams County is scheduled for Monday, September 18th at noon. As always it will take place in person and the Reunion Coffee House and online via Zoom.

Tomorrow are the monthly declarations, nationwide, hosted through PrayerLink. I have attached the declarations should you want to participate. It is powerful to know that our nation is covered in these declarations for 6 hours tomorrow morning.

There are a few more exciting local and state wide prayer movements coming up that we will share at the upcoming meeting. Please feel free, if you have any that are on your heart and that you participate in locally or nationally, to post them on the Adams County Page so we can all be aware to be in prayer about or in attendance with you.

Please send me any prayer requests regarding Adams County that you have received from leaders or that you have been made aware of so that we can include them in our prayer time on the 18th.

Again Blessings,

Kyla Stopperan

Sept declaration
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