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Arapahoe: Aurora Civic Prayer Team

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Aurora Civic Prayer Team Nov 28, 2023 Renetta Haynes Cynthia Tolbert - Teacher Jacqueline - Prophet Carla Coburn – Apostle/Pastor Duty toward those in Authority Rom 13: 1-7 Everyone must obey state authorities, because no authority exists without God's permission, and the existing authorities have been put there by God. 2 Whoever opposes the existing authority opposes what God has ordered; and anyone who does so will bring judgment on himself. 3 For rulers are not to be feared by those who do good, but by those who do evil. Would you like to be unafraid of those in authority? Then do what is good, and they will praise you, 4 because they are God's servants working for your own good. But if you do evil, then be afraid of them, because their power to punish is real. They are God's servants and carry out God's punishment on those who do evil. 5 For this reason you must obey the authorities—not just because of God's punishment, but also as a matter of conscience. 6 That is also why you pay taxes, because the authorities are working for God when they fulfill their duties. 7 Pay, then, what you owe them; pay them your personal and property taxes, and show respect and honor for them all. LOVE for One Another Rom 13: 8-10 Be under obligation to no one—the only obligation you have is to love one another. Whoever does this has obeyed the Law. 9 The commandments, “Do not commit adultery; do not commit murder; do not steal; do not desire what belongs to someone else”—all these, and any others besides, are summed up in the one command, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” 10 If you love others, you will never do them wrong; to love, then, is to obey the whole Law. For The City Rom 13: 11-14 1 You must do this, because you know that the time has come for you to wake up from your sleep. For the moment when we will be saved is closer now than it was when we first believed. 12 The night is nearly over, day is almost here. Let us stop doing the things that belong to the dark, and let us take up weapons for fighting in the light. 13 Let us conduct ourselves properly, as people who live in the light of day—no orgies or drunkenness, no immorality or indecency, no fighting or jealousy. 14 But take up the weapons of the Lord Jesus Christ, and stop paying attention to your sinful nature and satisfying its desires. For Civic Leaders Mayor Mike Coffman City Council Members

Ward 1 Crystal Murillo Ward 2 Steve Sunberg Ward 3 Ruben Medina Ward 4 Juan Marcano Ward 5 Alson Coombs Ward 6 Francoise Bergan At Large Members Curtis Gardner Danielle Jurinsky Angela Lawson Dustin Zvonek

We pray for horizontal and vertical divine connections.

We pray for their health and well being.

We pray for the relationships to prosper – that they get to know the people they serve.

We pray for the children of Aurora….that their school atmosphere is conducive to learning.

We give You all glory, honor and praise…that You set things in motion for our leaders, the community and our children.

Let there be less of us and more of You on these calls Lord God.

We choose to be Watchmen for our civic leaders….guide us as we intercede for them Lord God.

We thank You Lord that love and faithfulness goes before us as we intercede.

We thank You Lord that You lead and guide our civic leaders so that the people see Jesus in their eyes.

Let your grace, mercy and justice go before each civic leader.

Let our leaders show the love of Jesus in all that they do.

We pray a hedge of protection over the teachers across Aurora Lord God. Guide them Lord to teach in ways that the children will readily learn.

Let the children learn executive functions…not just facts and figures….to reason, to analyze, decision making, financial wisdom and more.

We cover the city of Aurora with the Blood of Jesus and place the assigned angels at the boundaries to protect our city.

We declare that our city leaders are making Godly decisions for our city.

Aurora Police Dept/First Responders

We lift up every officer….protect their mindsets to serve with integrity.

Let every officer be well-connected with the community.

Let the police department be well-connected with every school.

Let the children and youth see the police as a protective ally rather than an enemy.

Let every officer be properly trained up in the way they should go with a strong commitment to the community.

Let every officer operate in what is good and proper to do their job well.

Protect and guide each first responder with deep wisdom and understanding to protect themselves as they protect and save the lives of those they serve.

We ask Lord for release from attacks/conflicts amongst police officers.

Let each one be covered by the Blood of Jesus each time they go out.

Give each one Your peace Lord God as the work and when they go home.

Give the families of officers wisdom and compassion to know how to love, support and encourage their loved one as a first responder.

Let each one seek Your strength and Your peace every day Lord God.

We thank You Lord for deliverance for each first responder…set them free from all trauma.

Let even those who don’t know You Lord make decisions based on Your wisdom.

We come against all crime in the Name of Jesus…let tonight be a night of no crime or emergencies int his city….release peace into the city.

Let every officer serve and protect based on the law…not on their opinion.

School Districts

We call forth leadership that will change the trajectory of the Aurora school systems to align with God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

Let love invade every classroom from the teachers and administrators.

Let the love of Jesus abound throughout Aurora.

We ask for an adjustment of mindsets of school workers at all levels….prompt them to reflect honesty, integrity and love.

The Church of Aurora

We call forth the fivefold office leaders across the city….draw each one into their proper position.

Let the Body do what You have called them to do in their giftings and talents.

let the church rise out complacency into the righteous of the Christ working together AS One to advance God’s Kingdom citywide.

Let the church of Aurora be ONE Body…..let the church arise AS ONE to meet the needs of the city.

We break down all jealousy and competition between churches.

Let this prayer group be life changing for the city of Aurora.

Bring answers Lord for how to best address the issue of homelessness in Aurora.

We declare by the testimony of Grand Junction that as more people and churches engage in prayer in and for Aurora, crime will go down, violence will go down and more love will be evident citywide.

We declare that by the testimony of Pagosa Springs, the stronghold of witchcraft is down being broken over the city of Aurora.

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Welcome to the Aurora Civic Prayer Team. We look forward to ...
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