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Colorado Life Initiative

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Reminder Colorado Life Initiative prayer call is today from noon-1pm. If you can, please join us.

Here are the details (same every week) also at

Dial 605-313-5646

access code 2864349#

If you can't join, please pray these prayer points and anything else the Lord brings to you.

Pray for favor, protection and to multiply the efforts of everyone working on the Colorado Life Initiative.

Pray for Colorado to turn from a state of death to a State of Life!

Pray for God to mobilize through us everyone he wants in this battle for Life.

Pray for each petition to be fully completed and submitted so that every signature counts. Lord nudge us for when to ask and how to ask.

Pray for Faye (one of the co-proponent) and her family as she travels for the memorial service for her father.

Pray for the over 150 petitions that were given out last week at Flashpoint in Woodland Park.

Pray for all the events coming up.

Lord arm us for this fight


Welcome to the group! Join us in prayer while we protect inn...
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