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Colorado Life Initiative

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The Colorado Life Initiative’s weekly Prayer Call is from noon-1pm every Tuesday.

Dial-in number (US): (605)313-5646

Access code: 2864349

Here are some prayer points for this week:

-In repentance for the sins of shedding innocent blood. For mercy and healing grace.

-For Colo to turn from a state of death to a state of Life.

-For God in His mercy to remove the scales from the eyes of those who do not support life and to take down through His Almighty power the demonic strongholds on our state.

-For abortion clinics and pharmacies who distribute the abortion pill to turn from their wicked ways and if not that the Lord would close them.

-For the plans to open an abortion clinic at Denver Health to be thwarted.

-For any mother seeking or thinking of abortion, that God in His infinite mercy intervene with Truth and Love.

-In Thanksgiving for all our Task Force members and all the petitioners, and that God will protect them and their families and will multiply their efforts  and their efforts may bear good fruit.

-That God equip each county to reach their signature goals and connect us especially to petitioners in Mesa and Montrose

-For the Jan 21st Sanctity of Life Celebration, an evening of worship in South Denver led by Biff Gore, initiative info given and distribution of petitions

-For the launch of our fundraising campaign, for opportunities to arise for interviews and advertisements.


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