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Douglas Civic Prayer Team

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Meeting Prayer Points

Pray with us!!

We ask for spiritual downloads for Sheriff Weekly

Unity with the Douglas Sheriff Dept to remain strong

No inroads for any union

Shalom peace yo reign over the country ty

The county to serve the illegals but not give in to being a sanctuary city

Strengthen sheriff Wedkly to stand strong for conservative values. Let him be re-elected to continue to strengthen the conservative stronghold

Let Sheriff Weekly hear Holy Spirit accurately and gave the boldness to implement as the Lord directs

We ask for encouragement for chaplain Ralph and the Sheriff to obey as the Lord leads

the jail...pierce the hearts of the inmates Lord. Draw them to yourself with eyes to see and ears to hear God's will for their repentance and salvation.

Let Douglas county prevail in holiness and righteousness

We declare that the glory of our God now cancels every act of witchcraft in our county.

Let every deputy be set free from the affects of the trauma they have experienced. Heal them Lord God deep in the core of their being..body, soul and spirit. Erase the horror Lorx God.

Let Douglas County be a shining star example to every other county statewide.

Protect every officer Lord God physically and spiritually and emotionally.

Bless Dean Lord in his new role as Chaplain with the county fire departments.

we ask lord that you strengthen every civic leader in the county who stands for righteousness

Bend Your bow Lord God to take out every power of darkness in this county

Show Your Strength, glory and power across this county Jesus.

Protect every family of every first responder or civic leader. Cover their homes with peace and protection. Let each family flow with the love of our God. Let marriages be strong. Children be loved and families thrive together AS ONE.

We plead the blood of Jesus over every part of Douglas County. Let it be like a protective blanket. Over schools, businesses, churches, government buildings and more.

Cause the children to rise up with the love of Jesus to pray for one. Mother and be kind to one another

We thank You Lord that darkness is now fleeing from Douglas County

We thank You Lord that pastors now arise in boldness to preach the whole Truth of the Word of God.

We ask Lord for more of Your glory in every city in the county

We lift up the school board and ask for greater boldness to stand for Truth. Reign in the meetings with your peace. Let them come to the meetings with one agenda and leave with Gods agenda at the forefront.

We declare a return to the ability to flow in civil discourse in every conversation

We declare no more division in Douglas County

We declare that those who attempt to entrap and control others now fall into their own traps and lose all control.

We call forth conservative believers across our county to step up to run for civic leader positions.

We declare that our schools now teach the basics with no indoctrination or sexual grooming.

We declare that our children are now protected from the grooming and indoctrination.

We ask for rightuos peiple in every school board every city council and every government office.

Let the voices of Douglas county parents be heard, respected and honored to stop the influx of the woke agendas and activities.


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