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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Good morning! Tomorrow morning, Thursday July 20 at 7 am, is our monthly conference call, holding up the needs of Elbert County.

I always send an email asking for prayer requests to Elbert County officials, but I have also started communicating with Elizabeth town officials as well. Whether we have specific requests from any of them or not, we will be holding them all up in prayer!

Please put it on your calendar to join us tomorrow! Call in information is below! Our prayers are needed for "such a time as this"!

Looking forward to praying with you in the morning! Have a great day!

Mary Powell

Prayer Call Info

Date: 3rd Thursday 7am - 7:45 am

Conference Call Info:

(425) 436-6315

Access Code: 5531736

Call Details

Elbert County - Civic Prayer Team hosts a monthly prayer cal...
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