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Good morning! Some special prayer requests and calls to action this morning:

I received an email from Guiliana Day, who was head of one of the efforts for "Yes on Prop 115" in our last election, seeking to prohibit abortions after 22 weeks. While we know that particular effort did not pass, that does not mean we give up on the effort. PLEASE See her email below. SEE the call to action to email the State House Committee members as shown in the email, to ask for their support on HB21-1183. PLEASE SEND YOUR EMAILS OUT TODAY urging the committee's support, since the hearing is TOMORROW, Wednesday 3/24! Thank you!

Dear Pro-Life Warriors, A few months have passed since the last election and although our proposition didn't pass, our desire to defend and protect the lives of our precious babies and their mothers has become even stronger.. As you may know, there is a critical bill introduced by Representative Stephanie Luck ready to go to a hearing. Bill HB21-1183 Induced Termination of Pregnancy State Registrar

I'm urging you to take the following action in regard to this bill: Action Steps:

  1. Send every member of the House Health & Insurance Committee an email supporting Rep. Luck's bill. State Representative emails are all formatted the same:

  2. Attend the committee meeting and testify in support of this bill. Each individual should expect to testify for no more than three minutes; however, the time could be shortened depending on the decision of the chair. Where: Colorado State Capitol: 200 E Colfax Avenue, Rm. 0112, Denver, CO 80203 When: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 starting at 1:30pm. Note: There are three other bills scheduled to be heard prior to this bill.

  3. Invite at least five friends to do the same.

  4. Call your Representatives:

Members of Health & Insurance Committee: Susan Lontine (D), Chair; Yadira Caraveo (D), Vice Chair; Brianna Titone (D); Chris Kennedy (D); David Ortiz (D); Dominique Jackson (D); Karen McCormick (D); Kyle Mullica (D); Dave Williams (R); Mark Baisley (R); Matt Soper (R); Ron Hanks (R); Tonya Van Beber (R) Fact Sheet on HB21-1183: Why this bill?

  • Increased data collection will assist lawmakers in creating law that will better serve the needs of women.

  • Information gained will be invaluable for assessing the impact of medical, social, and economic interventions on abortion demand.

  • Since gestational age is the best predictor of abortion related morbidity and mortality, tracking complications and the reason for those delaying the procedure after 22 weeks will assist many private and public institutions in meeting the needs and providing the best possible medical care for women and families.

What does this bill do?

Requires abortion providers to submit statistical data on all abortions performed to the state registrar and requires the state to make the aggregate data available to researchers and the public.

NOTE: Currently, some data is required to be collected but there is no enforcement mechanism – this bill provides that mechanism.

I will urge you to join our efforts as we continue this fight to promote a culture of life. Stay tune as we'll soon have more excited news and great opportunities to get involved. Blessings, Giuliana Day Cell: 720-899-0897 Email:

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