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HB22-1279 ABORTION BILL Update and CALL TO ACTIONAnother update on HB22-1279 - It passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and is on the schedule to be debated in the Senate tomorrow, 3/22. This is the last step before signature by the governor.

I am including a link to Colorado State SENATORS and Colorado State REPRESENTATIVES so you can a) pray for them by name; and b) contact them via email or phone to encourage them to vote NO on the bill discussed above. Change the filter under the "CHAMBER" tab to SENATE to get the list of Senators only to communicate about Tuesday's debate..

ONE NOTE - I would suggest you only email or call DEMOCRATIC SENATORS, regardless of whether they are your Senator or not. I THINK most Douglas and definitely the Elbert Senators are republican.

I got a reply back to MY communication to ALL senators on Sunday afternoon from a couple of the Republican Senators - they are very frustrated that their numbers of 15 Rep vs. 20 Dem senators are not enough, though I have been told ALL OF OUR REPUBLICAN SENATORS have committed already to vote NO on this abortion bill. They suggest emailing the DEMS to get THEM to change their mind. We really only need THREE (3) Dems to vote NO to win, with a simple majority vote. BUT email all of the DEM Senators to ask them to vote NO! Ask them to give Colorado a legacy of LIFE and not DEATH!



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