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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Good morning. Even though I had to cancel last week's prayer time, I did get a request from our Clerk and Recorder, Dallas Schroeder, that I would ask everyone to lift up DAILY.

Thank you!

"Thanks to you and those who are praying for us. We all need it.

My specific request is for discernment, wisdom and guidance in dealing with the various election issues.

I would add for everyone you pray for in the public arena to be bold and decisive. Leadership requires boldness and bold leadership can be tough for some people but passive leadership leads to chaos, uncertainty and frustration on the part of employees and citizens.

Thank you for your prayers. May God bless your efforts and honor your requests. -Dallas"

ALSO, please pray that the school board elections successfully elect CONSERVATIVE candidates who will be open to the Holy Spirit in leading our schools, not just in Elbert but throughout the entire state and nation!

EDUCATION is our first line of defense in turning our country back to God-given principles!

Thank you!

Mary Powell

Amy Everette
Amy Everette
Oct 26, 2021

Yes and amen. Let it be so Lord God.


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