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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Hello everyone,

This is a reminder to continue to keep the Supreme Court in your prayers, and that the opinion that we expect soon regarding Roe v. Wade will come out and indeed clearly and definitively overturn Roe!

Pray for our nation when that ruling comes out - pray that all efforts and plans for violence are thwarted and brought to NOTHING! Pray for the protection of the SCOTUS judges and their families and all staff!

AND FINALLY, pray that the leaker of the draft opinion is revealed, and that appropriate action is taken against them. PRAY that what they meant for evil is turned to GOOD!


We lift all of these things up to You, Lord Jesus, knowing that you are answering these prayers as we speak them! You are our great and magnificent God! We look to YOU Lord, and we magnify YOU and not our problems! We feel your loving arms around us in these uncertain times, knowing that YOU are in control and YOU win!! We look to You as our healer, our strength, our fortress, our strong tower, our protector, our provider! Thank you, Lord Jesus, our most glorious Savior and King, for hearing and answering us! AMEN!


Have a blessed day!

Mary Powell

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