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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Good afternoon, and thank you to all who were on our Elbert County Prayer Call yesterday morning! It was a small but spirit-filled prayer time!

Our prayer call notes are listed below. During our call, Thom brought up the Hebrides Revival as an encouragement to us about the power of prayer! This link is in the notes too, but here it is again, for convenience!

Additionally, I mentioned that the Elbert County Republican website has a great reference list of all of our national, state and local officials, along with their contact info. Again, this is in the prayer notes, BUT it is below for quick reference:

Please feel free to share these prayer notes, AND these two links with anyone you know, AND encourage others to join our monthly Elbert County prayer call!

If you know of anyone who would like to facilitate a DOUGLAS COUNTY prayer call, please let me know their contact info, or you can provide mine, and I will work with them and the Colorado Prays coordinator to get them going.

Have a blessed day and rest of the month! Keep looking UP!

Mary Powell

NOTE: Prayer notes in separate post. for some reason, not working on this one.

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