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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, thank you for this new year of 2022, during which we await with high anticipation Your Glory and Light to shine forth throughout our country!

We lift up specifically right now again our Supreme Court Justices:

John Roberts (Chief Justice)

Clarence Thomas

Stephen Breyer

Samuel Alito

Sonia Sotomayor

Elena Kagan

Neil Gorsuch

Brett Kavanaugh

Amy Coney Barrett

We also pray for all of their clerks and staff who will research and write the opinions.

We lift up each of them and ask that You, Holy Spirit, invade their hearts and minds, and that all are brought to salvation, and if already saved, that you would bring them courage of their faith!

Lord, as you know, this Friday, Jan 7, is an emergency hearing about the federal vaccine mandates! Lord our prayer is that these mandates be declared unconstitutional, taking away the freedoms that our Constitution, which YOU directed, Lord, allow us. We pray then for all state governors and legislators, that as states they will also take away or disallow any and all vaccine and mask mandates, again, reinstating our constitutional freedoms.

As You work on these Justices' hearts regarding the vaccine mandate hearing, also Lord please work on their hearts that they have voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, which will take away federal sanction of abortion! Please stop any political or spiritual warfare which is being waged against those Justices who will vote to overturn Roe, that they are not persuaded to change their vote before the opinion comes out in June.

We pray that all opinions, overturning Roe, declaring vaccine mandates unconstitutional, and all other opinions which they will be issuing, will be the result of YOUR will, and will be written CLEARLY, such that no other case can try to find loopholes related to other cases.

AND AGAIN, Lord, also work in the hearts of our governors and state legislatures, to protect LIFE which comes from YOU! AMEN!

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