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Family Prayer Team

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Alternatives pregnancy centers

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the men in the Post-Abortion Recovery for Men pilot group. Pray that they would find healing and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

  • Please pray for a formerly abortion-minded couple who is now carrying to term. They are facing many challenges in their relationship and work environments.

  • Please pray for one of our patients who is trying to figure out how to have a healthy relationship after years of abuse.

  • Please pray for a long-time volunteer who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and will be going through treatment.

  • Please pray for a couple struggling through their decision over whether to parent or choose adoption for their child. They are in the last trimester and our team will be meeting with them as a couple to facilitate their discussion.

  • Please pray for upcoming workshops we are teaching through Southwest Denver Coalition. Pray that teens will leave feeling encouraged and able to implement new healthy communication and coping skills.

  • Pray for new community partners to sign up for The Diamond Standard Instructor Training. Pray that through training our partners we will reach more teenagers at schools, churches, and community organizations.

  • Join us in a prayer of thanks for our new advertising campaign on KDVR and the clients and supporters we are reaching with the mission of Alternatives.

  • Pray for a successful kick-off for our Alternatives at the March campaign.

  • Please pray for our Human Resources team as we prepare to onboard new team members for Alternatives.

  • Pray for our office management team as we move some of our storage spaces and offices within the next few weeks.

Nikki B
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