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Family Prayer Team

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Alternatives pregnancy centers Denver

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a young client who is conflicted in her pregnancy decision. She expressed that deep down she doesn’t want to have an abortion, but she is being influenced by the father of the baby and feels uncertain of the support of her parents. With these pressures, she feels abortion is a better option. Please pray she keeps in contact with her client advocate and that the Lord works in the hearts of all concerned.

  • Please pray for a client who is in a state of indecision related to her pregnancy. She doesn’t want the responsibility of being a mom again, as her other children are older.  She was emotional when she saw the ultrasound and the baby’s heart beating.  Please pray the Lord will continue to open her heart to the life inside her and the resources of support to come alongside her. Pray that she has reassurance that she can be a mom again. 

  • Please pray for a client who has chosen to carry her pregnancy after finding out she was too far along in her pregnancy to use abortion pills. During this time, she started to experience suicidal thoughts and admitted herself into a hospital for psychiatric care. Join us in praising God that she is receiving emotional and psychiatric support to address ongoing mental health needs. Also, praise God that she has family to step in to care for her and for her children during this time. Please pray that she continues to make her mental health and well-being a priority and that she will be less overwhelmed as she receives help and moves forward with her pregnancy.

  • Please pray for our counseling and medical care team as we serve the women and men in our migrant community. Pray that through the use of technology for translation, we can continue to share resources and hope for pregnancy support and parenting in difficult circumstances. 

  • Please pray that more women will become aware of the importance of STI testing early in pregnancy. With a growing number of Denver residents with a sexually transmitted disease, it is essential to promote regular testing for the health of women and their preborn children.

  • Please pray for qualified applicants as teacher and community connectors with A Promising Future.Please pray that two part-time bilingual (English and Spanish) people, who love teens and understand the importance of preventative education, will apply.

  • Please pray for our interactive presentation of The Diamond Standard on June 17! Pray that volunteers and supporters would sign up to participate and leave feeling encouraged by the work A Promising Future is doing.

  • Please pray that new women and men would hear about our need for mentors and contact us about training and serving as a volunteer.

  • Pray for God’s guidance and discernment during a season of transition on the Development/Fundraising team.

  • Please pray for our administrative team, specifically for our Human Resources Coordinator. We are in the process of recruiting staff for many departments and asking the Lord to guide us with good discernment to choose the right candidates.

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