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Alternatives pregnancy centers

  • Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a client who found out she was pregnant and is encountering extreme emotional, physical, and mental pressure from the father of the baby to have another abortion. She does not want the abortion. She has an abortion in her past and wants things to be different this time, but she is struggling with the pressure. Pray for her resilience and for other support in her life.

  • Please pray for a pregnant client who is experiencing chaos, crisis, and relationship trauma. She's excited to have her baby and made the hard choice to carry to term within horrible circumstances but those circumstances have not let up at all. Her baby is due on February 19.

  • Pray for the clients we have repeatedly tried to reach but we have lost contact with.

  • Pray for a previous client who found out at her ultrasound appointment that her previous abortion had failed and she was 20 weeks pregnant. We have been unable to reach her. Pray for the support she needs to continue with the pregnancy and that she will reach out to us for more resources.

  • Pray for a patient who came in for testing for a sexually transmitted infection who also has an abortion in her past. She plans to continue with holistic counseling being provided by Alternatives.

  • Please pray for a client who recently had a miscarriage and is pregnant again. Due to health complications with her current pregnancy, she will have to deliver the baby at 22 weeks gestation. Please pray for the doctors who will be delivering her baby and for the medical team who will be taking care of her and the baby.

  • Please pray for people who are passionate about supporting youth to attend the A Promising Future (APF) Foundations class being held on February 6. Pray that our community partnerships would expand and more people would know about APF because of Foundations.

  • Please pray for new videos being created to promote the programs of APF. Pray that the videos will inspire new partners to be trained in The Diamond Standard middle school /high school curriculum, workshops and parent-teen small groups.

  • Praise God for those who are interested in volunteering at Alternatives. Pray that they will be able to follow through with their training process and serve in various capacities to meet the needs of our teens, women and men.

  • Pray for God’s continued provision for 2024.

  • Praise God for the generosity of our community in the donations of diapers, wipes and beautiful blankets.

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Thank you, Kaitlin. Praying over all you shared. 🙏🙏🙏

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