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Family Prayer Team

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Hope House Northern Colorado

Praise report:

  • Praises for a successful Board Retreat where we made exciting plans for Hope House in 2024. Praises for the individuals on the board who love our teen moms and the mission that God has laid before us!

  • Praises for a teen mom who is excited to begin her GED journey!

  • Praises for our volunteers who have already committed to helping in childcare for our Healthy Relationships Series!

Prayer request:

  • Pray that our teen moms would engage in our first class series of the year, “Healthy Relationships”.

  • Pray that God help resolve the complicated living situations of our teen moms due to the deep freeze (i.e. broken pipes, not enough heat)

  • Pray for our teen moms who have started higher education for the first time. Pray that God would give them focus and confidence in their new school environment and relieve any anxiety they might have. Pray that they will continue to have the monetary resources while they go to school.

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