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Family Prayer Team

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Hope House northern Colorado

  • Praises for businesses that have said “YES” to sponsoring our Gala in September.

  • Praises for new applicants beginning to engage in our program.

  • Praises for the staff being flexible as other staff take time off this summer.

  • Continue to pray that God would lead Hope House to the right Program Coordinator.

  • Please pray for one of our moms who will receive a substantial insurance check from a car accident. As we prayed for this teen mom last month, she has completely disengaged from the program and may be falling back into unhealthy relationships with family who potentially will financially abuse her.

  • Please continue to pray for funding through several grants that have been written.

  • Please pray that many teen moms will sign up for our Parenting Class Series in July. Pray that all the girls will engage in the summer months.

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