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Family Prayer Team

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Alternatives Pregnancy Centers

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a mentee who needs her work permit extended so she can stay in the USA and provide for her baby who is due in May.

  • Please pray for a young client who is considering a 2nd trimester abortion because she already has a 2-year-old son and doesn’t know how she can have another child right now. Pray that we are able to get in touch with her and offer options counseling and education.

  • Please pray for a client who is pregnant as a result of rape. She is determined to have an abortion. Please pray for her heart and for the peace only Jesus can give her during this hard time.

  • We are grateful that one of our clients who planned to have an abortion returned to our clinic for an ultrasound and decided to carry her child to term and parent. She said she is encouraged by the support Alternatives provides through mentoring and case management.

  • Please pray for bilingual individuals to apply to join the A Promising Future team. Pray that God would bring the right people who want to help teens thrive!

  • Pray for our workshop, The Diamond Standard Session 1 on April 29. We will be offering this to staff and volunteers. Pray that everyone who attends will leave feeling educated and encouraged.

  • Praise God for an enlightening continuing education workshop from our Director of Counseling After Abortion. We are thankful for the bravery of the clients whose stories expand our lens on life circumstances that drive people to an abortion decision.

  • Please pray for safety and strong participation in the March for Life on April 12.

  • Please pray for the strength and endurance of the pastoral staff throughout the city. Pray that they continue seeking the Lord as they lead their congregations.

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