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Family Prayer Team

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We are Ten24 Ministries. We serve single parent families and trafficked individuals in Northern Colorado through support and education. We provide monthly foodboxes and Vocational Workshops. More information is available at Prayer Requests: -Anti-trafficking ops are being done and many of the victims are pregnant and addicted to fentanyl. Pray to break the power of addiction, health and life for unborn babies, and freedom for the victims. -Pray for families as a whole. That God would create safe and healthy families and marriages. -Pray for a single parents to be filled with faith and the Holy Spirit that would strengthen them as the leaders of their family. We ask this in order that they may share love and faith with their children and be comforted in their times of stress, trial and fatigue. -Bring additional supports around those most in need in our area. Bring community, protection, lacking services, friendships and family to those in need. -Pray for the recovery from trauma and mental health healing of our trafficking survivors. -Pray that families would be free from addiction, substance misuse, abuse, and poverty.

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