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Family Prayer Team

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Colorado Life Initutive

Reminder the weekly prayer call is today from noon-1pm (605)313-5646

Access code: 2864349

Here are some prayer points. If ur schedule won't allow joining today please pray on ur own.

-For Colo to turn from a state of death to a state of Life.

-For people to see the truth about about abortion and to give every child a birth day.

-For abortion clinics and pharmacy who give the abortion pill to turn from their wicked ways and if not that the Lord would close them.

-For the plans to open an abortion clinic at Denver Health to be thwarted.  

-For favor, protection and provision for everyone working on the Colorado Life Initiative. Lord multiply our efforts and time.

-For church leaders who have been presented this week with the opportunity to help CLI. May they see this not as a political issue but as a Godly issue that they want to speak out about and save lives.

-For more volunteers statewide but especially in Pitkin, Summit and Eagle counties.

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