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Family Prayer Team

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From LOL ministry in Belize, (missionaries from Colorado)

Prayer warriors please pray. We now have two intruders. The night everyone prayed before, no one came on campus. Our kids and staff are in danger. They are getting bolder. One was on the property during the day and two in the middle of the night.

Our security has been chasing people through the jungle and this has to STOP! The children are so scared. Please pray with us that we can catch who this is. I am flying Jervis back in the morning.

We actually know one of them, but until we catch them or get some type of evidence we can't do anything with the police. This puts everyone in danger. Please pray a protection over LOL.

Amy Everette

Release Your angels on assignment Lord to surround the compound with Your glory which exposes, flushes out and permanently removes the perpetrators. Thank You Jesus. Amen and amen.

Me gusta
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