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Sorry for the confusion everyone I moved the meeting to the last Thursday of this month at 10 due to the fact my son will be competing in the state championship in bull riding!! Many prayers for him and all the rodeo contestants this weekend in Craig. I thought I had made a post about this, however it seems I did not. I apologize for any confusion.

Just a reminder that our monthly meeting is tomorrow at 10 am. These are our primary prayer focuses:

  • We pray for a turning of the Father’s hearts to the sons and the son’s hearts to the fathers-Malachi 4:6. Pray a supernatural spirit of love and protection to over take parents (of the born and unborn) in the state of Colorado 

  • We pray for the harvesters (volunteers and beneficiaries) to take their places and do the work of the Kingdom for the families in Colorado 

  • We pray for a return of the families to the church. Pray a longing in their hearts to be in Godly communities. Pray that the church would move their tent stakes out and receive more children into the Kingdom. Isaiah 54:2-3

  • We pray for a biblical stance to be taken by families and strength with out fear  to protect their children 

Nikki B

Please join us at the capital!!!! April 13 2024, information below.

Alternatives pregnancy centers

Colorado is one of seven states that have no restrictions on abortion. For the first time ever, the national March for Life is launching a state march at the capitol building in Denver on Friday, April 12 at 11:00 AM.   

Alternatives is proud to participate in the March for Life for the sole purpose of bringing awareness of our free and confidential services to the thousands of women and men who are experiencing unplanned pregnancy TODAY. We acknowledge the humanity of this issue and will continue to provide early access to healthcare for anyone and everyone who is desperate for solutions to an unplanned pregnancy or has compromised sexual health or is suffering from grief and loss after an abortion.


The only way Alternatives can offer this amazing care is because of YOU our generous supporters. So here is the challenge!  Alternatives needs to raise…

April 13 is the day to go to your capital and stand for our children! Let them know not to be messing with OUR kids!

Nikki B
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