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Family prayer notes  FOH Family 4/25/24


Kaity, Nikki moving to CoSprg she has a ministry to serve the homeless. 

Prayer Points: Presidents Transvisibility, Praying into we block this statement. We overcome the

we repent the high places of exhalting the Baal, we tear the altar down.  We only pray for

Nikki B
Weld-NorCo CPT

Just a reminder that our monthly meeting is tomorrow at 10 am. These are our primary prayer focuses:

  • We pray for a turning of the Father’s hearts to the sons and the son’s hearts to the fathers-Malachi 4:6. Pray a supernatural spirit of love and protection to over take parents (of the born and unborn) in the state of Colorado 

  • We pray for the harvesters (volunteers and beneficiaries) to take their places and do the work of the Kingdom for the families in Colorado 

  • We pray for a return of the families to the church. Pray a longing in their hearts to be in Godly communities. Pray that the church would move their tent stakes out and receive more children into the Kingdom. Isaiah 54:2-3

  • We pray for a biblical stance to be taken by families and strength with out fear  to protect their children 

Nikki B

Just a reminder we have our first family prayer call this morning at 10! Here are the prayer points we will cover today.

- [ ] We pray that the Lord will restore and rebuild the family unit.

”And they shall rebuild the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former desolations and renew the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.“

‭‭Isaiah 61:4

- [ ] We pray for strength to stand against delusional thinking in all aspects of life

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