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Give Him 15: Colorado Ecclesia Rising

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This is from Arloa Gundred

We were given these instructions by Anne Tate of GOZ.

Dutch Sheets spoke June 16, 2023 at Oasis Church in Ohio referencing Gina Gholston's dream about "Command the Foreword" and God is setting things in order by September for how He will move next in our nation. 


Please read the Cape Henry Declaration as well as the Declaration of our Dependence on the Lord.

(I attached these to this email.)

Station the Watchman angels on every border and anoint with oil and make declarations as the Lord speaks to you. Be sensitive in the Spirit and hear what He is directing you to do to secure your boundaries.
Thank you for all you do! We are praying for each team as you begin to come together State-wide. Bow to the greater anointing and the greater vision as you come together. Everyone has a gift and a role, wise leaders use all the gifts in the State to accomplish all the Lord asks. He is the great provider for us all.

Many are anointing their shoes and tires to cover their territory, to secure the border.

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