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Give Him 15: Colorado Ecclesia Rising

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The following are the assignments that have been discerned to date from the Give Him 15 posts since June 14-16, 2023

Stay tuned as we seek The Lord to develop more strategy regarding each of the Give Him 15 requests to the states. The following is what we have so far.

1. Establish an anchor in the state. Connect the anchor cable of Colorado to the guide wire of the nation….to the anchors on the outer perimeter of the nation. 2019-2022 Colorado Watchmen and others prayed and did prophetic acts at the Highway borders of Colorado, the physical 4 corners of the state (at least 3 teams have prayed the corners), the center of each border, the high places, the center of the state, river locations and more. An Estes Park church sent members to each of the 64 counties to stake the county for the Lord. An IHOP couple is currently traveling to every Colorado county to bless the land. Prophetically, all of these assignments have included tearing down false altars of worship, establishing altars to the Lord and raising “tent posts” at each location. Sept 24, 2022 Colorado Prays and the Watchmen hosted Prayer at The Heart in Hartsel, CO, 200 people came from all corners of the state to worship and pray together for 5 hours. At that gathering, The Lord showed the team to raise the “Tent of Meeting” over Colorado from that location placing the “canopy” on the tent posts that had been previously erected around the state. Intercessors saw geysers of God’s glory erupting across the valley and statewide spreading to the nation. We believe that the anchor has been established in Colorado at Hartsel and is represented by a very large stake that is in the ground where our physical tent for the event was placed.

2. Paint the Borders. Secure the Perimeter of each state. CO Prays partnered with a woman in Boulder who had the vision to Pray the Perimeter of Colorado. Thanks to her vision and planning, 32 prayer drives were defined and 50+ people completed a prayer drive around the border of our state in one afternoon on Aug 8, 2021. As listed above, many individuals and groups have also prayed the compass points of the border. Do we need to reinforce or redo what was done that day? Should we fly the borders of the state? Do we need to prophetically tie the corners to the tent posts? Connect the diagonals from the NE, SE, NW & SW?

3. Establish a Prayer Grid/Network…prayer teams statewide...listening in prayer ready to move in quick obedience on God-ordained prayer assignments. Colorado Prays has 62+ churches each engaged in a 24hr Church Prayer Watch covering Colorado in a wall of non-stop, day and night prayer (representing 1,000+ intercessors). 22+ Civic Prays Teams are in place with the goal of having one in every city (at least one in every county). 30+ CO Watchmen and Gatekeepers are in place statewide. There are other networks of intercessors in place through HAPN, SPAN and The Generals. The Colorado prayer grid is in place and is growing. Is there more to be done to expand the network and secure better communications to the network?

4. Command the Forward. Working with HAPN, Generals of Intercession, Colorado Prays, Native American Resource Network and Colorado Watchmen, we will draft a set of decrees to be distributed statewide….(maybe) asking people in every county to make the decrees on a designated day.

If you have any revelation from the Lord about any of the above, please feel free to hit submit what you are hearing in this thread.

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