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Jeffco Civic Prayer Team

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Jefferson County Prayer Notes: 06-19-20:

Karen (Arvada)

Roz (Arvada)

Lisa Welsh (Littleton)


Praying in 6th watch (9am-Noon)-We guard and watch for the word of the LORD to be fulfilled. We pray for God’s redemptive purposes in Jeffco.

Prayer Call Guidelines

Allow everyone on the call time to pray by limiting your prayer to 2-3 minutes.

Be courteous to not interrupt others.

Mute your phone when you are not praying.

Stay focused on today’s topic.

Maintain confidentiality.


County Commissioners Szabo, Tighe, Dahlkemper

A county commission is a group of elected officials collectively charged with administering the local government, levying local taxes, administering county correctional institutions, courts, public health oversight, property registration, building code enforcement and public works (such as road maintenance).

Elections-George Stern

Exalt, praise, thank the LORD

You are King of Kings over Jeffco.

You are Lord of Lords over Jeffco.

Your scepter is over Jeffco.

We magnify You.

You are Holy.


Shrinking back, laziness, complacency

Not following You

Not being devoted to You

Not having a heart for the lost

Not honoring people of color or the hurting


Your light will shine over Jeffco for those who do not know You.

Turn stony hearts to flesh

Your will be done in Jeffco, Your righteousness,

Your people will hear Your voice, rise up, not shrink back, and lead others into Your righteousness for harvest of souls

Release signs, wonders, miracles, healings for the glory of Your Name

Realign church leaders to Your heart, Your ways, Your will

Help us to be healers of the hurting

Bring unification in body of Christ

Sheriffs, police dept: LORD protect them, weed out evil ones, help them to feel loved and appreciated, grant safety to their families


Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus

We will be one, as You are One

Is 54:17-We come against all the attacks against your kingdom.

Jeffco is part of Your kingdom.

We call in harvest in Jeffco.

We bind up division, disunity, false religion, strife, deception, fear of standing for truth, intimidation

We loose love, unity-locking arms against the enemy, discernment, truth, boldness

We decree over Commissioners Szabo, Tighe, Dahlkemper:

Ps 45:8-salvation, 2 Tim 2:10, 2 Peter 3:18-grow in grace, Gal 5:25, Eph 5:2-love, Ps 25:21-honesty and integrity, 1 Thes 5:6-self-control, Micah 6:8-act justly, love mercy, walk humbly, 1 Peter 2:17-respect for others, Rom 14:19-peace loving, know Your word, open to hear the Holy Spirit, direct their paths, know the right way to go, do what is right in Your eyes, be people of righteousness, be witnesses of wisdom, disagreements would work out, they love You, they listen to You, they walk in Your peace, Shalom, they walk in grace, they have joy in the Holy Spirit, they bring their heavy load to Jesus and are yoked up with Him, by His stripes they are healed, they are good stewards of finances, they do His will, they are strong under pressure, Ps 91, they feel the Presence of the LORD moment by moment

We decree integrity of the election process, nothing of the enemy may enter into the election, we plead the blood of Jesus over the process, 100% of body of Christ will vote Your will, LORD

Jeffco has law and order.

Righteousness reigns.

Patriotism rises up.

Jn 10:4-5

The body of Christ rises up in instant obedience and releases heaven in love and boldness, prayer

2 Chron 7:14-15

Praise, thank the LORD

Is 55:11

1 Jn 5:14

Meeting Info

This group prays for the people and issues affecting Jeffers...
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