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Jeffco Civic Prayer Team

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Jefferson County Prayer Call Notes

Wednesdays @ Noon

Call: (701) 802-5056,,,,8289611#

March 24, 2021

Karen (Arvada)

Katherine (Arvada)

Roz (Arvada)




Ps 105:1-6, 45

Rom 8:23

You, LORD, will get all the glory.


Our hearts are stricken that there is no safe place, LORD, we ask for Your wisdom and Your ways.

Teach us, LORD.

You are our light.

We, the body of Christ, need Your strength to be courageous to walk forward in faith, hope and love for those who don’t know You.

We need You, Holy Spirit, to tear down lies.

Fill our hearts with Your desire for the lost.

We pray for comfort and healing in families.

We bind up and release trauma from those in Jeffco.

We loose peace and the loving embrace from the Father for families.

We ask that this pain will drive people to You, LORD.

2 Chron 7:13-14

Micah 6:8: What does the LORD require of you? Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with You, LORD.

Teach us to know what to do individually and corporately to answer the voice of the innocent blood on our land.

We declare the body of Christ will come apart and be holy as You are holy, LORD.

We declare a spirit of deep repentance will be released to those in the body of Christ.

We ask for pastors and church leaders to address and not ignore the pain, suffering and trauma of the body of Christ.

Ps 23:1-2

We ask for the heart of the Shepherd to come through our pastors so that our souls will be restored from the pain, suffering and trauma.

We trust You to minister to us exactly what we need in this hour.

We ask for You to minister comfort and peace to our children.

We ask for You to protect them from fear and trauma.

We break off the spirit of fear that feeds isolation, keeping us away from others.

Let the body of Christ be stricken in their hearts with the reality of eternity and that the lost need our witness.

Forgive us for following the wrong gods, and help us to focus on Jesus.

Unveil our eyes so we will see Who You truly are, LORD.

Ps 48:10-11

Forgive us for not knowing You or presenting You accurately, thereby profaning Your Name.

We agree with You, You will get all the glory! Not one will boast!

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This group prays for the people and issues affecting Jeffers...


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