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Jeffco Civic Prayer Team

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Jeffco County Prayer Team Update:

Wednesday, 5/22 we had our first meeting. We got to know each other and prayed for connections to be made to grow this team. Then, we prayed into and through the seven areas of influence in Jeffco using decrees and declarations. The team this week was Donna, Amy, Jeremy, and I.

Here are some decrees to pray into this month:

1. Government- I decree that no weapon formed against we the people shall stand. Those in government with nefarious plans will not stand. They will be removed and the righteous will thrive.

2. Education- I decree an end to the woke nonsense being taught in the schools. I decree a shift of education where Biblical principles are both honored and taught.

3: Family- I decree a renewal of family closeness. I decree parents will train their children in the way they should go. Families will lock shields with one another to stand up to the evils of society. They will represent truth and cohesion.

4. Arts and Entertainment- I decree that there will be a rise of wholesome entertainment and that all the woke garbage will be thrown out.

5. Science, Medicine, and Technology- I decree that God created Science and there will be a return to all that is true, good, and beautiful.

6. Business- I decree that godly business leaders will rise up and fund the other mountains of influence.

7. Church- I decree and declare that churches will rise up and boldly declare the inerrant word of God. They will lock shields together as the Body of Christ.

***The next meeting will be a conference call on Wednesday 6/26 from 630-730PM. Jeremy and I will be out of town, so that is the reason for the conference call this next month.

Laurel Fowler

Jefferson County COPrays decrees. I love them all but the ones locking together the shields are very powerful!


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