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Jeffco Civic Prayer Team

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Jefferson County Prayer Notes: 06-12-20:

Karen (Arvada)

Donna (Arvada)

Roz (Arvada)


-Praying in 6th watch (9am-Noon)-We guard and watch for the word of the LORD to be fulfilled. We pray for God’s redemptive purposes in Jeffco.

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Exalt, praise, and thank the LORD

-Ps 100

-Jehovah Rapha-our healer, healer of our land, heal the hearts of our people- mind, soul, spirit

-Merciful God

-Ancient of Days


-All Powerful God


-Ps 51:10


-Not trusting


-Roots to come forth that love You, Your church will be full, online services and prayer calls will be full,

-We will be a megaphone for You

-Leader-wisdom, righteousness

-Let God arise and His enemies be scattered

-Ps 90:17

-Let our light shine as we go forward

-Let the specific things You want done, be done in Jeffco

-Children-protect them, joy in their hearts, life and happy

-Teachers know you

-Children return to righteousness in schools

-Wisdom for school boards-boldness to reopen schools

-Elections-integrity, reminder of privilege to vote, protection over ballot drop-offs, polling places, righteousness to be voted in, angels to be around every box

-Wisdom in stewardship of finances, used for good, to provide for needs of people, unproductive programs (weeds) be pulled out

-Commissioners/Leadership will speak boldly, in righteousness

-Angels of righteousness to minister to minds of commissioners, clerk/recorder

-Protection from fire, keep people safe, plead blood of Jesus over all the county

-Churches-your direction, in righteousness, how to serve Jeffco, help one another,

-Unity, kindness, humility, love, in Holy Spirit going out thru the county, reaching out thru the body of Christ

-Leaders in Jeffco-salvation, regeneration and renewing of Holy Spirit for each one

-Sheriffs/law enforcement- mercy, grace, love, supernatural provision, salvation, blessings

-Families-turning the hearts of the fathers to their children-salvation of fathers, fathers move into their position from the lord

-Nursing home and seniors-protection, strengthen their immune system, witnesses to go to them, bless the workers

-Businesses-Creativity to arise-new ways of doing things, God would reign, believers have new ideas and work in God-given gifting and talents


-We bind any evil in Jeffco and loose righteousness, life, peace, love, joy in the Holy Spirit

-Every legal ballot will be counted accurately.

-Every Jesus follower will vote with the mind of Christ, completely submitted to God

-Ps 45:6-7

-Release of creativity in business, shifting to gifting, talents, to glorify God in business sector

-Believers to move forward into new paradigm shift.

-Ps 91

Praise, thank the LORD

-Thank You for joy. Your joy is our strength.

-Thank You for expectation and delighting in the new thing.

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This group prays for the people and issues affecting Jeffers...


  • 24 May Fri | 'Jeffco Civic Prayer Team Re-Launch'

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