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Jeffco Civic Prayer Team

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Jefferson County Prayer Call Notes

Wednesdays @ Noon

Call: (701) 802-5056,,,,8289611#

March 3, 2021

Karen (Arvada)

Katherine (Arvada)

Kay (Denver)


Families and children


You are the King of kings and LORD of lords. You reign over all.

You are Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Is 9:6

We declare the Kingdom government is on Your shoulders.

We give You glory!


We ask for angelic protection for babies in the womb.

We ask for protection for those born to parents ill equipped to parent, that they would receive good parenting.

We declare that these children will live out their God-given destinies.

We ask for protection for pre-schoolers, young children and youth from evil influences.

We declare 1 Tim 3:15, that the church is a pillar and buttress of the truth.

We ask You to bring Your body to cleansing and repentance.

We thank You, LORD, for those who are standing up for life, saying no to evil legislation.

We ask for courage for more people to stand up and say no to the evil legislation.

Please forgive us for being complacent.

We ask for the body to rise up in unity and do the works that accompany faith.

We ask for Your wisdom and strategies.

We repent for self-centeredness, selfishness, loving our lives and not laying our lives for another.

Let the love of God that is shed abroad in our hearts to be poured out on others.

We ask for greater love that will pour out to others in the womb, children and our neighbors.

We ask to receive the baton from previous generations to do Your works in this hour.

We ask for grace to keep our eyes on Jesus and things above.

We ask for energy and zeal. Titus 2:11-14

We ask for the Jeffco leaders to stand strong in truth, kindness and gentleness.

We speak shalom over all those leaders and workers who are in strife, dissension, bitterness, envy, jealousy, lying, and contention. We bind those spirits. We declare the Spirit of the LORD will prevail.

We ask for the Holy Spirit to visit every abortion provider and worker so that repentance will occur.

We cut off the locks on those suffering from the mind-binding spirit keeping them from seeing truth.

We ask that Holy Spirit reveal truth and it will be received.

We declare that those in the womb will not die, but live and tell the works of the LORD. Ps 118:17

We declare that these babies will do the works of the LORD.

We pray for the Jewish people to see Jesus is their Messiah.

We declare people in Jeffco will see the radiance of Jesus.

2 Thes 3:3-We will be established and protected by the LORD.

We declare Is 54:13.

We declare Ps 102:28.

We declare Is 61:8-9.

We decree the children of Jeffco are overshadowed by the Spirit of the LORD.

May the power of God rest tangibly upon them.

We declare they receive wisdom and revelation from the LORD.

We declare they hear God’s voice.

We prophesy to them they walk in divine health, live long lives and receive God’s protection.

We say angels are released to encamp around them.

We declare they shall serve the LORD and not fall away from Him.

We say they shall walk in God’s will and His divine purpose for their lives.

We speak they shall find gainful employment and shall enjoy life to the full.

We take authority over every plot, plan and scheme the enemy would try to come against our children.

We bind up those plans, calling them null, void and unfruitful in Jesus’ name.

We declare the devil cannot hold our children in any form of bondage in Jesus’ name.

We say our children are well, and all is well concerning them.

We ask for the fatherless to come to the Father through the saving knowledge in Jesus.

We ask for sweeping into the kingdom of God of all children in Jeffco.

We declare they will be established and see Your glory, LORD.

We ask for children to have the love and support of both mothers and fathers.

We speak peace into homes in Jeffco.

We ask for breakthrough for babies, children and families.

We ask for breakthrough for truth to prevail in this nation.

We ask for a moral outcry to roar through the ekklesia in Jesus’ Name.

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