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Larimer: Berthoud CPT

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Hello everyone, for the month of June we have been focusing our prayers on our county schools board. We have three positions open for our school board. We are praying for people of God to stand up and take their place on the board. Praying the Lord will Stir the heart of people who he wants on the board.

We also been praying for out teachers, for protection as well as having boldness stand for Godly principles. We also been pray for our children, the Lord's protection over them.

We have been lifting up our mayor of our town and town board. Praying they will have wisdom of God on different situations.

Last but not least our first responder, pray protection and wisdom over them all our fire department, police Department, and EMT's.

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Welcome to the Civic Prayer Team for Berthoud. We look forwa...
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