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Larimer: Berthoud CPT

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Good evening,

Berthoud prayer team have been focused on different areas that have been close to our heart this mouth.

The board Convoid in Texas. Partying for God's safety over all Involved. Praying that all of America voices will heard.

Continue praying for those running for our town offices, including our Aaron P. For Trustee.

All of our children in the education system, that their minds and hearts and bodies are Protected by the blood of Jesus.

The children coming over the boarder that are being sold for slavery and other evil acts.

Praying for the large events hide sex slave and drugs selling.

Praying for the people in our town and state will vote in a Godly way. That people will continue to have their eyes open to the truth and know when they see and hear evil at work in our state government, National, local government as well our education system.

May you all be Richly bless this mouth.

The Berthoud partners in prayer🙏

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