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Larimer: Berthoud CPT

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Good evening

The Berthoud group has been praying for the following

Praying Grandma that was one of many people who were charged for crimes when being apart of Jan 6 th at the capital in DC. She was found guilty, but she is staying strong in God and knows God has a Purpose through all of this. We are standing with her through prayer.

We also been praying for our schools and children.

Teachers will have the wisdom of God and boldness in teaching our children in a Godly manner.

Praying for our Government and all who are in different offices.

Praying for the entertainment industry praying that God people in this industry will have doors open and they will be inspired by the Holy spirit, and people be touched in a special way by God.

Meeting Details

Welcome to the Civic Prayer Team for Berthoud. We look forwa...
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