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My Revival Resolve

I resolve to live a life of extreme devotion to my Lord.

I resolve to be known as a person who is a friend with God.

I resolve to live a life of relentless transformative prayer.

I resolve to let His word become my absolute truth.

I resolve to walk in His love that has no room for offense or pettiness.

I resolve to burn with the embers of fire from heaven.

I resolve to be completely surrendered and submitted to the Holy Spirit.

I resolve to be used by the Holy Spirit and let His gifts flow through my life.

I resolve to let the power of God flow through my life to see blind eyes open,

deaf ears hear, the sick healed, the lame walk,demons cast out, and the dead raised.

I resolve to live a life that is presence driven.

I resolve to fulfill my Lord's mission to "Go into all the world and make disciples!"

My life's revival resolve is JUST JESUS

Amy Everette
Amy Everette
Amy Everette
Feb 19, 2023

Let this be so for every Colorado believer!

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