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Lincoln Civic Prayer Team

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09/16/2022 Lincoln Cover The County Prayer Call

Members Present: Terri Spencer, Micki Hahn, Laurie Bailey, Kim Quintana

OPENING PRAYER Thank You, Father that we are able to join here today, that we're able to bring our petitions, our request, our praises, and our declarations to You during this time. We do lift up Lincoln County and all those in our county. We bless Lincoln County and thank You for all that is good in this county, and we declare that the things are not good will be turned around for Your good and for Your glory! Guide our declarations, Lord, we're here to do Your will, to be Your feet and Your mouthpiece on earth, in Jesus’ name, Amen! We come boldly to Your throne of grace as intercessors for our county Lincoln County. We thank You that we can make our request known and decree it into existence. We thank You that You are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords over Lincoln County.

PRAYER POINTS For our Leadership and Position of Authority throughout Lincoln County: Limon Mayor – Bo Randolph Limon Town Manager – Greg Tacha Limon Police Chief Lynn Yowell Lincoln County Sheriff Tom Nester Limon Fire Chief Brian Zoril Lord, guide and protect these leaders so they can ensure safety, security, and good decisions.

7 Areas of Influences:

Father, we pray for each mountain that is represented and in our sphere of influence in this county. We declare righteousness, holiness, truth, and justice into every sphere, in Jesus’ name.

1) Religion

2) Family 3) Education - Lord, we decree and declare that boldness and righteousness are present in our education mountain. Boldness for school administration, teachers, and board members to stand up in our county and say “no, our district will not accept the unjust and the evil that is trying to come into our schools”. Lord, we asked that there would be parents that would stand up to school sports on Sunday and say ”no, this day belongs to the Lord!” 4) Government – We declare no more mismanagement of funds. We have been given so many riches and resources, not just in our county but throughout our country, and it's being abused. Our nation has been raped and pillaged by our own people, our own government. 5) Business - More businesses will be brought into our community, good, solid, legal businesses. We declare that there will be no ill-gotten gains from drug, drug dealers, and trafficking. That the motel owners will not receive any payment for any transactions taking place in their businesses. Father, we do give You thanks and praise that we live in a county where we cannot bring in the whole marijuana production business! We call in the laborers to make this town a prosperous town, to make it a place of

joy, to make it a place where people want to come and go to our churches, and stop at our parks, and enjoy our pool, and restaurants. We cover the transportation industry. We declare right now that our goods and our food and our supplies will be delivered on time, no lack of surplus, that we will have more than enough necessities and able to share with our neighbors. 6) Media 7) Arts and Entertainment

CLOSING PRAYER Father, we thank You that we have been able to join together today with You. We have made declarations and decrees; we have praised Your name and praised Your glory, Lord. Thank You for being so faithful to us Lord and we love You. Amen!

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