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Fast & Pray, It's a New Day, Lana Vawser


My Church has shied away from being deeply consecrated unto Me and called it “religion,” but I say true religion is to be separated and unspotted from the world (James 1:27). I am bringing My people back to a sure foundation of My Word in order to purify her of her double-mindedness. (James 1:8, James 4:4-8, AMPC version.)

For what I am birthing right now in this new day will only come to, and through, those who dedicate themselves to prayer and fasting. For what I am releasing cannot come cheaply. I am calling My people to deeper consecration. I am calling My people to deeper surrender. For you cannot serve the world and serve Me. You cannot serve your own desires and your flesh and serve Me. For I am thundering the call from heaven again to, “Abandon all and come all in to what I am doing in this hour.”


For a fierce wind of My Spirit is upon My Church. There is a sudden storm coming upon My Church that is going to purify, refine and sift. I am going to shake like I have never shaken before, and it will reveal the hearts of those that are for Me and those who are against Me: and I say unto you that MANY will be SHOCKED at who is not for Me.


From Chris Reed (replaced Rick Joyner at Morningstar). He has said 2024 is going to be “like a Hannukah Season as God cleanses and purifies His Temple.”   That means rebuilding your temple…rebuilding your altar to the Lord.  Now is the time for us to Rededicate ourselves, get filled with miraculous Heavenly Oil and be Set Aflame to Burn Bright! with God’s Glory �


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