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Weekly Monday Prayer for Colorado

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Partial notes from 8/16 prayer call:


We thank you and praise you, Lord, for our First Responders, for all they do for us. We thank you Lord, for your provision through them!

We pray for the families of the first responders, to protect them, hold them up for your protection and encouragement. Bring comfort to the families of those whose first responder family members have been killed in the line of duty.

Let your signs, wonders and miracles be evident in every office, firestation, ambulance and emergency room, Lord.

Lord you are King of kings, and Lord of lords!

Help first responders to know you are their strength! Put your angels around everyone of them. Give them supernatural discernment and wisdom in their duties. Let them not be blindsided by the enemy!

Please anoint all of them to be Your Word in Colorado, that they would bring healing in mind, body and spirit, to all they encounter.