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Weekly Prayer for Colorado

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Colorado Weekly Prayer Call August 3, 2020

Mondays # 9:15am

712-770-5021, Access Code: 369691#

Focus: People to Awaken - Government (Polis), church leaders, business leaders, etc.


· Forgive your church for being judgmental and critical

· Forgive us for functioning with a the log in our eyes while we judge others

· We repent for offense in THE CHURCH. We ask that it be removed from pastors and church leaders and pew sitters.

· Forgive us for believing that our beliefs, our ways of praying are better than others

· Forgive us for pursuing our own self-protection and control rather than dying to self so that You can rule and reign in our lives….that we follow You humbly…..that we don’t love our lives undo death.

· Forgive us Lord for operating in fear of death instead of laying our lives down for Your Kingdom.

· Forgive us Your CHURCH for allowing the Jezebel control to rule over us.

· Forgive us not loving others more than ourselves.

· Forgive us Lord for hiding the Light of Your Glory in our lives…..for not allowing You Light to shine brightly through us.

· Forgive us for judging those who are caught in the lies….lost to the Truth of Jesus


· Give us a heart for the lost….a love for those who need to know Jesus. Give us heart to pray and love them into God’s Kingdom

· We intercede for Jared Polis & Marlin…..that the sparkle in his eyes turns into a fiery passion for Jesus…that the veil of deception is removed so that he can know the unending love of Jesus

· Jared has spoken the Word of God publicly…..”the oracles of God belong to the Jews”…we call Jared into the perfection of his position in his Jewish faith as an oracle of God fully accepting and coming into alignment with Jesus and His righteousness….free from homosexuality. We declare liberty for Jared as a captive to sin….we declare liberty for him in the name of Jesus.

· We declare that Jared will leave office declaring himself to be a Christian who has turned away from homosexuality.

· We declare Is 61 over Gov Polis…..proclaiming liberty to him as a captive to sin…now set free walking in the fullness of his destiny in God’s Kingdom as a mighty man of God.

· We ask Lord that Jared’s hard heart is now softened and convicted as he is renewed in Christ and now keeps the Word of the Lord.

· We ask that the Council of the Lord now surrounds Jared Polis so that he receives the Council and acts in righteousness and Truth according to the Kingdom of God.

· We ask that You Lord God instill in Jared Polis a desire for female companionship according to Your will for every man.

· We declare that his heart is no shifting toward the Kingdom of God….to righteousness and truth….to be the man that God made him to be.

· We call forth Polis like Lazarus….…….come out from among them…..from your bondage…into life…that the prison doors are open so that he can walk forth in freedom in Christ.

· We pray for Jared’s coming out, that he is protected as he acknowledges his turning to Christ in holy boldness…that the saints of God support and protect him. We declare Acts 18: 9-10“Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. 10 For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.”

· We ask that Jared be a first fruit for others walk away from homosexuality and other sexual sin.

· We pray for legislative and judicial branches of Colorado government….that they implement legislation and rulings that are in alignment with the Word of God…not the ways of the world.

· We ask that You Lord God instill in Marlin a desire for female companionship according to Your will for every man. Open his eyes Lord God to his masculinity and his position as a man with desire for female love.

· We declare that every government official now has anointed, blessed eyes and ears to have spiritual discernment in every aspect of the governmental role.

· Let your glory fall on the capital building in Denver with such intensity that every person falls under conviction in the fear of the Lord….that Leon Brandi (Sgt At Arms) carries Your glory with such intensity that is flows out of him into every area of the building.

· Let conviction fall on every government and staff member in their offices, in the hallways, in the bathrooms…let Your glory pervade the building.

· Let Your love, integrity and honor flow throughout the capital building and every government building in Denver.

· Ps 138:7-8 We declare that Though they walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve their life. You stretch out your hand against the anger of their foes; with your right hand you save them. 8 The Lord will vindicate them; your love, Lord, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.

· We declare that the Ecclesia in Colorado government at the Federal, state, county and city levels will not cast away their confidence in Christ…will not compromise their beliefs…that they will be strengthened and persevere in the will of God. Heb 10:35-36

· We come against the rebellion of man among our government officials. That Jared Polis will be filled with the word of God….with words of righteousness and Truth….words that he may not know or understand.

· We declare that the Lord God is sovereign and in control of our government in Colorado.

· We declare that the enemy is under of feet….under the feet of Jesus ….and will not be effective in this hour and day.

· We declare that God’s people push forward and arise taking our place ruling and reigning over every aspect of Colorado….over all 7 spheres of society.

· 1John 4:4….we declare the one living in THE CHURCH is greater than anything living in the world.

· We intercede for pastors across Colorado….we call them into their position ruling over the world from their pulpit authority……we call them forth to lead their people into the righteousness of Christ.

· We call forth pastors to call their people to prayer….to take spiritual authority over their community. To train up their people in their power and authority.

· We call forth the CHURCH of Colorado as one……that there is reconciliation in church families….between church families…that we the CHURCH demonstrate the love of Jesus which causes others to want what we have.

· We ask that the spirit of fear of man is now removed from believers across Colorado as they are bound to the fear of the Lord.

· We declare that the church across is now arising taking its place seated in heavenly realms in Christ Jesus to rule and reign righteously for the advancement of God’s Kingdom…that ALL will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

· We declare that THE CHURCH of Colorado will not be silent.

· We declare that the silent majority now arises to register to vote and actually vote their values in November….that the Lion of Judah roars over the November elections.

· We declare that the elections will be righteous, honest and true with no fraud or corruption.

· We declare that people will see and know the Truth as they vote in November…that they will know how to vote righteously.

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