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Weekly Prayer for Colorado

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6-28-21 Prayer Call Notes









Topic: Light & Glory


Ps 29: 4-11going from glory to glory. We paise You Lord that Your glory now falls on every Colorado community.

We declare Christin us the hope of glory

2Cor 4: 3-6

We declare that Christ Jesus is the Light – the Lord over all.

Let us be Your Light Bearers Lord God….awaken Your people to carry Your Truth

We ask Lord that You open glory portals across Colorado that release Your Truth and Light to every person in the great harvest.

We decree that the glory realm is now moving across Colorado

We decree that a new level of glory is now manifesting statewide

We decree that people across Colorado now respond to the glory of the living God

We declare great expectation that our God will show Himself mighty to the people of Colorado.

We declare that our God is not finished with Colorado and America….we receive the fullness of Your glory Lord God

Ps 24: 8-10

We declare that the entry ways of Colorado are now lifted up that the King of Glory will now come into Colorado….that all will bow to Him alone.

We declare that greater is He who is in us than he that is in Colorado.

We declare that the people of God now function for the glory of our God.

We, the ecclesia invite You in to Colorado Lord God….we open our hearts and declare that the gates of Colorado are now open

We declare that the sparks of God’s glory in every Colorado community now ignite and burst forth to fan the flames of revival in every Colorado community.

Ps 112:3 unto the upright there arises light in the darkness.

We declare light into the darkness across all of Colorado.

We declare that that godly people across Colorado who are now engaging with school boards and county commissioners are surrounded by the Light of our God’s Truth.

We call forth the people of God to step forward into positions that can change the culture of our cities and towns. That more people of God to run for every open political office.

We ask Lord for finding and provision of all that is needed to support people of God to be the Light in political positions and positions of governmental influence.

Matt 4:16

See the sun and moon which reflect the light…we declare that the Light of Jesus now reflects into and out of every believer statewide…especially those in positions of influence in government and the marketplace.

We ask Lord that Your Light now dispels all darkness in every form of government statewide.

We ask Lord that Your Light now shines forth in and through every Colorado congregation – especially in and through every pastors

1Pet 2:9

Thank You Lord that we can walk in the Light as You are in the Light.

We desire Lord God for more of Your glory to pour into us. That we reflect that which we gaze upon.

We declare that the Light of the World now reflects into the marketplace

We declare that our God is marching on.

We ask Lord that Your people remain humble in the Presence of the Lord.

Let humility flow with the flow of Your Light and Glory

We declare that we in Colorado stand with the Lord God

We declare that the King of glory now flows into the marketplace to restore provision and enhance our state economy.

We ask Lord that You would raise up marketplace people to be the Light of God’s glory statewide

We pray that the lord puts His favor on godly marketplace people so that they reflect His glory and implement creative ideas that creates a healthy jealousy for the things of God.

We declare that the Light of God now overshadows all darkness and forces of evil in the Colorado marketplace.

Show Your people Lord how to rule and reign for Your glory here in Colorado….raise up Your people to hear and obey Your will for this state.

WE ask Lord that You give Your ecclesia deep revelation, discernment and wisdom regarding the false light that betrays people in Colorado.

We ask Lord that Your people hear Your voice and will not be deceived any longer in this season in Colorado.

We declare that our hope in Jesus Christ. We trust in You Lord God ….in Your Light and Glory.

We praise You Lord that You are our hope for our families, our city, our county and our state.

We declare that Lord has triumphed gloriously over Colorado.

We look with great hope for the nation of the USA…that we are fully dependent on You Lord God.

We thank you Lord that we are One Nation Under God.

We put all our trust in You Lord God as our Light….as the God of America.

We ask that Your Light now be shed on every person in Colorado.

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