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Weekly Prayer for Colorado

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Prayer Notes from 6-8-20


1. Pastors to awaken to the need to speak on political topics

2. Church unity – racially, denominationally, generationally

The CHURH/Pastors to Awaken and Find Their Voice

· Forgive us Lord, as your church, for shrinking in fear of man…fear of losing 501c3 status.

· Forgive us for not standing for biblical standards in our society…for not speaking Your Truth

· We ask for a new boldness for pastors statewide…that they now preach the full gospel of Jesus Christ….including political topics relative to proposed legislation, proposed election topics and potential political candidates.

· We call forth today’s Black Robe Regiment who will burn with the passion of Jesus Christ to speak God’s Truth from every Colorado pulpit.

· Ps 33:5 We declare that Colorado now loves and lives out righteousness and justice in every aspect of society.

· Ps 33:10 We declare that the plans of the Lord for Colorado stand firm forever as the purposes of man and the devil are now swept out of our state.

· Let it be said of our generation throughout Colorado, that when we have lost our way, as in today’s world, we answer the divine to call to war for restoration.

· We ask Lord that You awaken every Colorado church to pray for their city and for other churches across their city.

· We ask Lord that You ignite the body of Christ to run into the breach, into the streets to be repairers and restorers of the breach as we carry the Light of Jesus across our cities.

· Ps 33: 12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord….we declare that the god of Colorado is the king of Kings and lord of Lords…Jesus Christ our King…that we keep our eyes on Jesus Christ and choose to trust in Him alone…in the hope of His unfailing love.

· We declare and call forth at least one person in every Colorado congregation to be the person to be politically aware…fully empowered to track what is going on at the Capitol, at the County Commissioners, the town council and more….to speak out to those around them…especially to their pastor to make everyone aware of the issues that are taking away our constitutional rights and are negatively affecting our children and our lives.

· We call forth the people of God to minister one to another including laying on of hands believing for healing and restoration.

· We ask Lord for revelation for pastors and politically aware believers to take full advantage of technology and social media to communicate with the body of Christ statewide.

· We declare a release of deep revelation for the body of Christ to discern Truth from lies…life from death….good from evil.

Racial Tension/Injustice

· We declare a new level of unity across THE CHURCH of Colorado.

· We declare a greater alignment of Colorado believers with the Word of God…with the Father’s Heart…that the spirit of offense is now rooted out and dissolved statewide across the Body of Christ.

· We declare that our God now shocks believers statewide into alignment with His design and purposes….so that uptight and tense places are now released, relaxed and brought into a peace that passes all understanding.

· Ps 31:21 Praise be to God that He shows His love to Colorado in the middle of being besieged by COVID 19, by racial division…that His perfect love casts out all fear, anxiety, hatred and division.

· John 17: 21-23….We declare that we are ONE in God the Father, The Son and Holy Spirit…made perfect in ONE….that all of Colorado may know that God sent His Son to redeem the world.

· We declare that dissention, division, hatred and dissent in the Body of Christ….that we now demonstrate the love of Jesus because we choose to be ONE… no longer judge one another but demonstrate the love of Jesus.

· We ask Holy Spirit to come with fire to purge Your Body of all unrighteousness, anger, division and judgement…start with us Lord God.

· We pray for a infilling to overflowing….that Your people who are called my Your Name, now reflect Your glory, reflect Your Love and share it with those we encounter every day as Your sweet fragrance of joy, life, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and more.

· We declare that Colorado will no longer be ruled by greed, pride or lawlessness…we release generosity, humility and lawfulness across every person statewide.

· We declare new vision to the people of Colorado….that we see other people as God sees them…with love and acceptance.

· We declare a release of praise for God Almighty….that praise, worship and prayer now bring healing to every form of division statewide….that we are drawn to one another in the love of Jesus.

· We declare an anointing on the Denver area pastors who are engaging in dialogue to address the racial divide across the city and the state….bless them with deep revelation and oneness that bridges the racial gap and brings healing to the city and our state.

· We bless the pastors who are engaging….guide them Lord, protect them Lord.

· We declare a release of the trauma that has impacted our cities and our nation….we say that the spirit of trauma is now removed and is no longer in control over our country.

· We ask for recovery and recompense for those who have been affected by the riots…business owners, people wrongly accused, families lost,…we ask for spiritual restitution, financial restitution, and relational reconciliation.

· We declare that vengeance is the Lord’s….we praise You Lord for making the wrongs right in this season….for bringing to justice those who stirred up the riots with evil intent.

· Ps 126 that hearts will be turned to You Lord God.

· We intercede for the protestors who are being used by the rioters….open their eyes to the Truth of the issues and the solutions….that they no longer fall prey to exploitation of their hearts and minds…..that their eyes and ears are now open to recognize that they are being used.

· We declare a release of righteousness statewide…that overrides, overpowers and casts out lawlessness and injustice.

· We declare an end to groups that sow hate, anger and division among the people of Colorado. We declare their efforts are of no affect….we ask Lord that they have encounters with the living God that draw them to the Truth of love, joy, peace and patience.

· We ask for mercy and justice for people across Colorado and the nation who seek to tear down this nation…..we ask for a harvest of souls among these people….among Black Lives Matter, among ANTIFA, among other groups that oppose our God’s Truth…that they are drawn to the Light of Jesus.

· We ask Lord that you continue to awaken the Watchmen on the Wall across Colorado who will protect our cities, alert the pastors and intercede in a timely way.

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