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Weekly Prayer for Colorado

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Partial notes from 8/16 prayer call:


We thank you and praise you, Lord, for our First Responders, for all they do for us. We thank you Lord, for your provision through them!

We pray for the families of the first responders, to protect them, hold them up for your protection and encouragement. Bring comfort to the families of those whose first responder family members have been killed in the line of duty.

Let your signs, wonders and miracles be evident in every office, firestation, ambulance and emergency room, Lord.

Lord you are King of kings, and Lord of lords!

Help first responders to know you are their strength! Put your angels around everyone of them. Give them supernatural discernment and wisdom in their duties. Let them not be blindsided by the enemy!

Please anoint all of them to be Your Word in Colorado, that they would bring healing in mind, body and spirit, to all they encounter.

Thank you Lord for Gideons who distributed Bibles to first responders in 2020. Let there be ministering to first responders by us as the Ecclesia, that they do not feel alone, but feel lifted up and protected.

We call out to the body of Christ to come into partnership with first responders. Let ministry leaders do ride alongs, be in partnership with them. Help us to step up and volunteer in the community. Help us to be part of the answer. They need to tangibly SEE us engaged with them, along with being held up in prayer.

Thank you for bringing them forth to serve in such a time as this. We pray that any requirements to receive the vaccine are thwarted, that they won’t lose their jobs if they choose not to receive it. Protect them, strengthen them, hold them up with your righteous right hand.

Give them supernatural discernment, minute by minute throughout their day. Put your hedge of protection around them. Give them wisdom to diffuse bad situations. Thank you for releasing your angelic hosts around every first response organization in Colorado.

We declare that all first responders will respond to YOU, Lord Jesus, that you, Holy Spirit will respond to salvation in Jesus Christ, and then be Your missionaries among the people they serve!

Isaiah 59:15 – 19 – The Lord will come like a rushing stream, which the wind of the Lord drives.

Hab 1:5 – Look at the nations and be amazed, because I will do something you will not believe even if you were told. Praise God, and we await Your great work, Oh Lord! We thank you for the great victory you have in store for us, Lord!

Douglas County – Meeting tonight. Tri County is trying to put masks on children in school again – there are doctors and nurses who are trying to do this – GIVE THEM DISCERNMENT to STOP TRYING TO GET THIS MANDATE THROUGH! – turn them from this bad situation. Let PARENTS be victorious for their children at this meeting, that mask mandate will be thwarted!! Let these first responders

We pray there is no violence, that Tri County will listen to REAL SCIENCE, and will not mask Douglas county children (or anywhere in Colorado or in US). Let truth come out about the issues of masking, virus, vaccines, etc. BREAK OFF THE SPIRIT OF FEAR from all of our citizens! We declare the release of the love of God to permeate every person in Colorado, driving out FEAR!

We pray for DECREASE in all crime, especially violent crime, and that all divisiveness is stopped!

We pray that you increase the boldness and confidence of those first responders who have not left that position. Give them strength and resolve. Let the exodus from these positions cease. We declare that the evil spirit of ATTACK is stopped, that all demonic attacks causing physical and verbal attacks against first responders are stopped!

Give all of our conservative school board candidates are successful. We pray for election integrity issues, for the support of Mesa County especially, as they fight the cause of election integrity.

We pray for all students in schools, no COVID outbreaks, for a successful learning year, including all sports and other activities. We pray for allowance of Christian activities in schools. We pray for hedge of protection over all students and teachers and administrators.

WHIZ KIDS – tutoring program which also preaches gospel. We pray for more tutors. We pray all schools will allow this program at the schools. We call the body of Christ into action to fulfill these tutoring needs.

We lift up all School Resource Officers, to give them supernatural discernment, to understand and thwart any dangerous situations. Pray for protection for them and all schools!

Holy Spirit, we ask you would speak to the hearts of those who would seek to do harm – turn their hearts to you. Heal their broken hearts which would lead them to do violence, and turn them to YOU!

Heal the broken hearted first responders who see terrible things all the time. Heal them spiritually, physically and mentally.

Help those who suffer depression, PTSD issues, trauma issues, heal them, Lord. Heal and help them and their families.

Thank you for ministering to our family members who do not see or understand the things of YOU that we try to share with them – open their hearts and minds, and Holy Spirit fill them and save them! Make them part of the great revival!

Thank you, Lord, that you are a miracle worker who NEVER stops working!

Let FAITH ARISE! Holy Spirit, bring the GLORY OF THE LORD!

We pray for all Christians who are not living for YOU. Holy Spirit, convict their hearts and bring them back to you! Help us to minister to them without judgmentalism, but speak the truth in love!

Let each first responder pursue greater intimacy with You, which allows them to stand with You and against evil in a greater and stronger way.

(notes only go up to about 9:50 am)

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