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Weekly Prayer for Colorado

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Another bill to pray for

Good morning! Please pray today - there is a bill that will be heard TODAY at 1:30 in the Health and Insurance Committee. Please pray for passage! We need to at least educate our children that an embryo is a human child! HB22-1136 Ultrasound Video Demonstration In Sex Education Concerning a high-definition ultrasound video demonstration showing each stage of human development as a requirement of comprehensive human sexuality education. ALSO, continue to pray about HB22-1279 - it has passed the House and is now with the Senate. Senate has assigned to the Judiciary Committee. I don't see it yet on that Committee's schedule, but I am sure it will be coming up soon. PRAY THAT BILL IS DEFEATED IN THE SENATE! Please keep it lifted up! In both bills, please pray that the LIGHT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT shines forth on ALL of the legislators! Let them be convicted and vote for LIFE and the education about LIFE! Thanks everyone, Mary Powell

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