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Weekly Prayer for Colorado

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Thank you Janet for leading the prayer call on Monday. See attached pdf version of the notes or below for the text version of the notes from the June 29 Prayer Call. God bless you all for continuing to intercede throughout this week for Colorado!! Please pray especially for protection over the July 4 holiday weekend.


Focus: “Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done on earth (Colorado & Nation) as it is in heaven.”

Matthew 6:10

In us individually, in every situation, the seven mountains of influence – Family, Church, Government Education, Business, Arts & Entertainment, Media, in Colorado, our communities and Nation.


- We praised God for His great love for us, for His greatness, for no spike in the virus, keeping us healthy and for His many blessings. - Psalm 148 - Psalm 63


- We pray Matthew 6:10, that Your Kingdom would come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven… in Colorado…in us, in every situation and sphere ….that we would be carriers of the Kingdom and everywhere we go, just like Jesus the Kingdom would come near. – We ask for Revelation 21:23 & 24….that we would have no need for the sun or moon because the glory of God would illuminate our cities and the inhabitants of Colorado….that all would be saved, walking in His light, authority, will and glory…..imparting it in Colorado. – We declare Isaiah 48:17 over us….that God directs and teaches us the way to go in Colorado….that His will is done in Colorado, the Nation and in our hearts….that we are paying attention and are willing to walk in His ways. – We ask you Lord to do in Colorado what you did in the Book of Ezra….that the hidden laws, things of you, would come out and there would be a resurgence of God’s laws, as a tutor, to be read and heard….. to prepare hearts to hear His truths and understand them from a place of repentance…we are under grace but need to know God’s ways with the help of Holy Spirit. - We declare that the Kingdom of God is now being extended locally, regionally and throughout the earth. – We invite you God into the education sphere…Matthew 6:10 - We cry out for God to be the “centerpiece of education”…that education is not complete without Him in the midst of education…..that He be in every school. – We invite God back into the schools…Declare God is the only one that can teach and meet the needs of the school system and school boards. – We declare a shift & reset of godliness and revitalization into the education system when it re-opens. –We declare that Holy Spirit winds are blowing and sweeping through our schools…that students and teacher will see the shift. - We send truth and light into the darkness that has been in the schools ….that parents will boldly take up the banner to fight for godliness and truth in our schools and fight for it. –We invite God into the government sphere….Matthew 6:10…especially the elections this year….we declare they will be righteous, orderly and true…that God would seat His government, which is upon Jesus shoulders, at the federal , state and local levels. – In this election year, we cry out for our government to not be hostile to God’s government…that God would rule and reign through our leaders…. that Colorado and the Nation would reflect God’s values and Kingdom …that the people would come under obedience to Christ. –We appeal to you God for our Colorado House, Senate, Executive, Administrative and Judicial branches to have Kingdom ordered restored in them…that the crooked places would be made straight and realigned with Your purposes and plans in all branches of government. –We ask you God to rule and reign over all branches of government in Colorado…..and repent for the unrighteous laws that have been passed and ask for forgiveness. –We call forth the plans and purposes of God for Colorado, bringing every person into alignment with God. – We cry out to God that every person in Colorado would be viewed as a precious life. – We ask you God to show us practical ways to be truth and light in our world. – We ask Jehovah Sabaoth, the Lord of Hosts, to partner with the Host of Heavens to break the Spirit of Death over Colorado and bring the Spirit of Life and Honor into Colorado. We release truth and light into the battle. - We declare we choose life in Colorado. – We invite God into families….Matthew 6:10. – We pray for family relationships to be reconnected and reconciled, that wholeness would come to all relationships in Colorado. – We pray for all people to be part of the Family of God…that your desire for families would come to pass in Colorado. – We pray for the fatherless…adults or children….that you would do a work in the fathers and raise them up to be the fathers you made them to be. – We pray for restoration in families….that unity, honor and respect would come into families. – We pray that parents would know that they can take their children only so far and give them to You for Your finishing. God always takes care of us even if our mothers and fathers forsake us…Psalm 27:10 …help us to forgive our children with no bitterness when we need to. – We ask God to touch every broken heart and make them whole…give each person the desire to be whole… thank you for binding up the broken hearted and healing them with the Balm of Gilead. – We invite God into the Church…His Body of Christ…Matthew 6:10 - We ask God to heal the broken hearted in every mountain and make them whole. –We pray for those in Your Body to thirst for You, to drink deeply from Your Foundation of Life….to be filled up with Your life, hope, joy and peace….then we can give if we are filled up. – We declare that in Colorado we are drinking of Your water and being refreshed inside and out. – We pray that You would call us deeper into intimacy with You. - We declare the Kingdom of God grows and prevails in Colorado. – We invite Your holy presence. Come be God among us. Manifest Your glory. Reveal Your glory in this region. Reveal Your glory to us and through us in Colorado and this Nation.

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