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Weekly Prayer for Colorado

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Colorado Weekly Prayer Call Aug 30, 2021

Amy Everette (Parker) Karen (Arvada) Deb (Littleton) Jan (Roxborough) Evie (Parker) Beverly (Falcon) Janet (Montrose) Alta Lee (CO Springs) Ann (Castle Rock) Mary (Elizabeth)

Mondays @ 9:15am

712-770-5021, Access Code: 369691#

Prayer Focus: Government OverReach

Key Scripture: 1Sam 8: 13-18 Samuel warns of taxes and enslavement as government’s overreach.

Rom 13 Submit to authority which is God not man.

Colorado Fires Praise the Lord that there are so few fires in Colorado. Thank You Jesus for bringing the rains and protecting our land from destructive fires. We continue to pray for ongoing, gentle rains that drench our land and that the following fires be extinguished:

Muddy Slide Fire: Routt Nat’l Forest, 4,100 acres, Started 6/20/21, 70% contained

Morgan Creek Fire – 11 miles SE of Columbine (Routt County, Started 7/9/21, 7500 acres, 24% Contained

Drought – Western Slope – pray that rains continue to come to bless and heal the land and crops.

Smoke from Fires in California and Oregon


· We worship You Lord God as King of kings and Lord of lords

· We praise You Lord God in the midst of today’s chaos that you rule and reign over all.

· We praise You Lord that You protect Your people across all of Colorado

· We enter Your gates with thanksgiving and praise.

· We declare the Names of God over Colorado.

· Ps 150 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Praise God in his holy sanctuary! Praise him in his stronghold in the sky! 2 Praise him for his mighty miracles! Praise him for his magnificent greatness! 3 Praise him with trumpets blasting! Praise him with piano and guitar! 4–5 Praise him with drums[a] and dancing! Praise him with loud clashing of cymbals! Praise him upon the high-sounding cymbals! 6 Let everyone everywhere join in the crescendo of ecstatic praise to Yahweh! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

· 1Tim 1:15-17 I can testify that the Word is true and deserves to be received by all, for Jesus Christ came into the world to bring sinners back to life—even me, the worst sinner of all! 16 Yet I was captured by grace, so that Jesus Christ could display through me the outpouring of his Spirit[i] as a pattern to be seen for all those who would believe[j] in him for eternal life. 17 Because of this my praises rise to the King of all the universe[k] who is indestructible,[l] invisible, and full of glory, the only God[m] who is worthy of the highest honors throughout all of time and throughout the eternity of eternities! Amen.

· Col 1:15 He is the divine portrait, the true likeness of the invisible God, and the firstborn heir of all creation. 16 For in him was created the universe of things, both in the heavenly realm and on the earth, all that is seen and all that is unseen. Every seat of power, realm of government, principality, and authority—it all exists through him and for his purpose! 17 He existed before anything was made, and now everything finds completion in him. 18 He is the Head of his body, which is the church. And since he is the beginning and the firstborn heir in resurrection,[g] he is the most exalted One, holding first place[h] in everything. 19 For God is satisfied to have all his fullness[i] dwelling in Christ. 20 And by the blood of his cross, everything in heaven and earth is brought back to himself—back to its original intent, restored to innocence again!


· We praise You Lord God that You are restoring all things in Colorado back to its original intent.

· Bring us into alignment with You Word

· PS 139 We declare that the people of Colorado come into alignment with Your design from the beginning of time.

· We ask Lord that You bring the wicked in Colorado government to repentance and salvation in Christ Jesus.

· Thank You Lord for allowing us to co-labor with You to stand in the gap for the government of Colorado.

· Prov 28:5 Help those who do not know You to be enlightened so that they recognize what they are doing as evil. Send Your Light Lord God to shine into the darkness and bring the Truth of Your Light to every form of Government.

· Isa 9:6-9 We declare that the Son of God now governs the state of Colorado. He is our everlasting Father…prince of Peace…let peace now reign throughout Colorado. Let justice and judgement flow throughout all of Colorado.

· 1Tim 2:3 The danger of the last days are now…people love only themselves and their money. We declare an awakening of the people of Colorado to the love of God….that the love of Jesus now pervades all of Colorado.

· We declare that godly school board candidates statewide are now blessed with funding and favor to gain election into every Colorado school board statewide.

· We declare a movement that brings victory to election integrity across our state.

· We pray a hedge of protection around Mike Lindell and those associated with him as he brings Truth to the forefront.

· We declare God arise and His enemies be scattered here in Colorado and nationwide.

· We pray a hedge of protection around Tina Peters and those associated with her office.

· We declare that the issue being voted on today will NOT be approved by DORA or the Governor requiring the vaccine for anyone who holds a license of any kind.

· We declare that the devil will NOT have his way in Colorado.

· We declare that fear has no place among the people of Colorado….we declare that the peace of Jesus Christ which passes all understanding now casts out all fear.

· We declare that the people of Colorado now stand firm in boldness and faith for our constitutional rights.

· We declare that the Ecclesia now arise into our rightful position.

· We command the government people of Colorado to come back into the boundaries ordained by our God.

· We ask Lord, that You raise up people who need to be in every Colorado government position.

· We praise You Lord that nurses and doctors now stand for our constitutional rights.

· We praise You Lord that parents and school officials now stand for our constitutional rights.

· We pray for an increase in boldness and release of the warrior mantel among believers across Colorado.

· We join with Castle Rock and call forth believers to participate in Castle Rock Day of Prayer.

· We declare a Hallelujah over the people of Castle Rock as they meet together to pray.

· We declare that we are done with COVID and any variants.

· We declare that the people of Colorado are no longer oppressed by COVID or anything related to it.

· We declare that the suffering is over in Colorado. 1Pet 5:10 And then, after your brief suffering,[n] the God of all loving grace, who has called you to share in his eternal glory in Christ,[o] will personally and powerfully restore you and make you stronger than ever. Yes, he will set you firmly in place and build you up.[p] 11 And he has all the power needed to do this[q]—forever![r] Amen.

· We ask for an outpouring of Holy Spirit over Castle Rock as pastors and believers unite….let it flow across the entire state. Let it flow as in Ps 133…over the beard and down the garment across Colorado.

· We receive the rest and peace of Jesus Christ over the people of Colorado.

· We declare that the body of Christ is now set free from bondage to western medicine…to the media…to addictions….that each one is now set free to find peace in Jesus Christ.

· We declare that protection comes from Jesus Christ….not from government actions.

· We lift of those in government who are not following Jesus….draw them Holy Spirit to yourself…to deep repentance….to salvation in Jesus Christ.

· We lift up those who ARE following Jesus…we stand with them AS ONE to increase their boldness and confidence to stand for our biblical and constitutional rights.

· We declare Rom 16:20 that the enemy is now crushed under our feet

· We declare that every mountain of government in Colorado now bows to the Name of Jesus Christ.

· We declare that Colorado is a godly state….walking in the calling and destiny set by our Lord God.

· We ask that the fear of the Lord God Almighty now enter the meetings taking place today regarding vaccine requirements for all DORA licensed people.

· We ask for the judgement of God to be released into every Colorado governmental person and their staff at every level.

· We ask Lord that the Presence of our God is obviously manifest in any meetings taking place today regarding vaccine requirements for DORA licensed people.

· We place all our hope in Christ Jesus for the people of Colorado and our government leaders.

· We pray a blessing on our governmental leaders who stand for righteousness.

· We pray for the right righteous solution for the Republican primaries….to be closed to only Republicans or not.

· We pray that the redistricting decisions be in alignment with our God’s will for the people of Colorado.

· We pray for the godly people of Colorado who are doing Your work will receive the funding needed to do Your will.

· We declare that godly candidates will so shine with Holy Spirit that they will receive the recognition needed to win every election regardless of funding.

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