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I spoke with a friend at church who is a representative at the state level for House District 48. Since he's right in our area I think we should adopt him as a prayer focus.

One thing he needs prayer about is deciding to run for congress in DC. This is for congressional district 8 in Colorado and will be hotly contested as it will likely be key to having control in the House of Representatives.

I asked him for 2 things we can pray about:

  1. He says the eyes of the people need to be opened because they keep voting for representatives that create policies that are making it easier for Fentanyl and other drugs to have a marketplace.

  2. Pray for the leaders that are already in authority that they will see through their deception and stop creating laws that perpetuate drug and alcohol addiction.

We can pray for Gabe and other things next Saturday.

God is on the move!


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