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Abortion No More in Mesa County

For two weeks, as part of the campaign, "40 Days for Life," Mesa Cover The County Prayer Team members gathered to pray against abortion outside of the single provider for abortions in the County. In addition, Church Prayer Watch members with Colorado Prays have been praying for life for several years.

The week of Sept 19th, we were informed that not only has this single abortion provider closed their clinic, but their whole practice went bankrupt which closed a clinic in Glenwood Springs. Furthermore, when this doctor attempted to sign on with our largest, local hospital, the godly doctors and nurses there refused to work with a doctor that was willing to take life. The leadership and staff pushed back, and the contract that had begun was canceled. (We later found out that the contract was canceled on Thursday, 9/22, the same day that our group gathered for Cover the County prayer). They not only refused to provide abortions, but they also refused IUD implants, any other abortive birth control, as well as transgender surgeries. Mesa County now choses life!

This is such a powerful testament to the power of prayer! Let's continue pray for the 7 Mountains of Influence. We have been praying for our First Responders, government leaders, families, marketplace, education and those in pivotal decision making places that affect our community.


Pastor Wendi Wood


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