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The Spiritual Climate is Shifting!

God is doing amazing things in a Colorado community in southwestern Colorado. In Pagosa Springs, 4 churches host a Monthly Church Prayer Watch with Colorado Prays and there is a Civic Prayer Team that prayer walks the city and prays for every civic leader by name.

That prayer covering is shifting the spiritual climate in the city. As an example, there is a known witches coven in Pagosa Springs. Recently, one of the witches gave their heart to Jesus and is now witnessing to their friends in the coven.

In addition, the prayer covering is producing fruit in couples who have been entrenched in the gay/lesbian lifestyle seeing them set free, accept Jesus as their Savior and receive healing in their body, soul & spirit. Another result of seeing victory in these lifestyles is that during the supposed "Pride Month" of June, there was only one display of LGBTQ+ Skittles in one grocery store and one brief pride parade by one teacher with one class in one school. There was not much pride in Pagosa in June but there was lots of praise to our God!

Finally, there are 3 public schools in town. The principal of each one is a strong, bible-believing Christian and two of the schools allow intercessors to pray onsite at the school. The local prayer team will soon meet with the 3rd principal to also gain access to that school for prayer.

Prayer is transforming Pagosa Springs! God is on the move!!


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