What is Colorado Prays?

Colorado Prays is a movement of united, strategic,

sustainable Prayer for Colorado

- one church at a time.


STRATEGIC:  Prayer is not the end game.  Colorado Prays provides a spiritual pathway leading to:

  • Fewer suicides

  • Less crime

  • Better marriages

  • Enhanced high school graduation rates

  • More faith and godliness - less fear, anger and rebellion

UNITED: Calling all Jesus-following churches!!!

We are calling churches of every denominations, ethnicity and generation.

While our churches differ in many ways, we join together in 24/7 prayer because we agree that, if Jesus is King of Colorado, that's the best thing for Colorado!!!!!   Let's lift Him up together in prayer and praise!

SUSTAINABLE:  Every church in Colorado, regardless of it's size, location, annual budget, worship style or theology, can adopt a day of prayer every month (on it's own or in partnership with another church). The Prayer Wall is sustainable as 2200 churches each host a monthly Prayer Watch.

THE MISSION:  To call THE CHURCH of Colorado to a wall of day and night prayer where God fights for us (Neh 4:20) bringing about the sustained transformation of every sphere of society.


GOALS:  Equip and mobilize 24x7 prayer across Colorado.

      Colorado: 2,200 Churches sustaining day and night prayer every month in all 64 Colorado counties.

      Nationwide Goal:  We are partnering with America Prays to see 40,000 churches nationwide   

praying together 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

                   Watch a short overview of  Colorado Prays

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24x7 Prayer Wall

The vision of Colorado Prays is to build a wall of day and night prayer across Colorado that so saturates each community with God's Presence that everything and everyone comes into alignment with His purposes 'on earth as it is in Heaven". (Matt 6:10)


The goal is to have 35 churches each hosting a 24hr Prayer Watch in each of the 64 counties in Colorado (2,200 churches on a wall of prayer for the state).

Prayer Digest

The Prayer Wall is undergirded by Prayer Trusts (county-wide strategic prayer teams) that each focus on a sphere of society in which they work or live.  The spheres include government, media, arts/entertainment, church, family, education, marketplace, and first responders.  As these Trusts meet regularly to pray, they document prayer points which are compiled into a monthly Prayer Digest and distributed each month to every church on the Prayer Wall.

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Transformation Indicators

Prayer is NOT the end game. Prayer is the engine that invites God's presence to manifest and drives the transformation of the city.  We believe that a wall of 24/7 Prayer in your Colorado city will lead to:

  • a decrease in crime

  • restored and strengthened marriages

  • a reduction in alcoholism & addiction

  • elimination of sex trafficking

  • elimination of suicidies

  • more effective evangelism

  • more successful church plants

  • and much more


As the Prayer Wall becomes fully engaged, we are believing that God will fight for us (Neh 4:20) to transform every aspect of society throughout Colorado to better reflect His Kingdom.